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Everything you need to start on keto

Have you already tried other diets but couldn't achieve your goals? Maybe because they were hard to follow or you were feeling hungry?

There's a reason why the ketogenic diet is so popular and adopted by celebrities. It helps improve your overall well-being in addition to helping you lose weight. You have more energy during the day and you feel full. This is what makes the keto diet so unique and successful!

It's not a magic pill. Countless studies show its effectiveness. It's a scientifically proven method that balances your body's fat intake to help achieve optimal weight loss.

We know you can lose weight (and keep it off) on the keto diet. So, give it a try! You won't have to change your habits, just improve them!


Find out what is Keto, how it works, how to prepare your body, what you have to eat (and avoid to eat) to be successful, and much more...

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My Keto Guide explains the Ketogenic Diet, ketosis (and how to tell if you are in ketosis) and what is the magic Keto fats/protein/carbs ratio. You will discover the big health benefits of the Keto diet. It warns the people who should be careful with the Keto diet. My Keto Guide also explains what is the Keto flu and how to avoid it as well as how to prep your body for success. It lists the foods to eat and the foods to avoid on the Keto diet; in 32 pages.

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