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A complete meal plan to start on Keto

The ketogenic diet is so popular and adopted by celebrities because it helps improve overall well-being in addition to helping with weight loss.

Reducing carbohydrates brings the body into a state of ketosis where it switches from burning carbohydrates to burning fat.

But cutting back on carbs isn't enough for healthy weight loss on the ketogenic diet. You also need to make sure to balance your fat and protein intake. Many people who adopt the ketogenic diet end up eating too much meat or dairy products.

The secret to losing weight on the ketogenic diet isn't just about cutting back on carbs. It's about finding the balance between fat and protein and making sure you're always getting plenty of natural foods.

Our meal plan gives you the right balance and is easy to customize to your tastes.


Find out exactly what to eat to achieve ketosis and lose weight successfully. Breakfast, lunch and dinner but also snacks!

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Complete Keto meal plan - 21-day meal plan with breakfast, lunch and dinner but also snacks.

Online cookbook with over 90 delicious, easy-to-follow and fast Keto recipes.

My Keto Guide explains the Ketogenic Diet, ketosis and what is the magic Keto fats/protein/carbs ratio, and how to tell if you are in ketosis. You will discover the big health benefits of the Keto diet. It warns the people who should be careful with the Keto diet. My Keto Guide also explains what is the Keto flu and how to avoid it as well as how to prep your body for success. It lists the foods to eat and the foods to avoid on the Keto diet; in 32 pages.

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Tips on eating Keto away from home.

Tips on Cooking Keto and swapping carbs.

Tips on boosting your Keto diet results.